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Radio Frequency Data Collection

Reliable Radio Frequency Data Collection Services Near Me

When you’re considering your options for companies offering Public Safety and LTE/5G radio frequency (RF) coverage auditing, you might be overwhelmed. A lot of different radio frequency data collection companies will overcharge you for their service and their team may not be as responsible or communicative as you were hoping. At Emres, we have the references to back up our growing reputation for consummate, professional service.

You might be interested in learning about the interior RF coverage in your building. Statistics show about 85% of all wireless calls originate indoors and these calls are connected by a Macro network design to serve outdoors. These days guests, tenants, and employees depend on these connections but unfortunately the macro network has a difficult time penetrating into buildings. Energy efficient building materials like Low-E glass are some of the biggest blockers of macro network penetration. We offer pre and post construction RF Benchmark testing where we go to the site and record the received signal strength of the RF throughout the building. This is the best way to get the most accurate information about the interior RF coverage. Our team is reliable and we make sure to report the honest numbers in a manner that is easy to understand and utilize.

We aren’t afraid of big projects, and we happily take on small projects. Whether you’re just looking for an RF audit, or you want us to design an entire system and solicit your interest in working with the wireless service providers Emres is the right team. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we are confident that we can help. Don’t forget to ask us about Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) and how a private LTE network could work for you. 

For a reliable RF team, you need to reach out to Emres . We are here to lend our experience and services to make sure your building is in perfect compliance with IFC 510 and 5G ready. We look forward to assisting you with all of your radio frequency needs.

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