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Post Deployment Maintenance

Carrier Coordination and Post Deployment System Monitoring

At Emres, we bridge the gap between wireless service providers and real estate owners. Our team of engineers and coordination specialists help Real Estate owners, managers and operators navigate through Carrier Coordination, Radio Frequency Design Sheet (RFDS) creation, RF Data Collection, Retransmit Agreements, and BTS Lease Agreements.

Unlike the other guys, we do system commissioning as well as post deployment System Monitoring. By supervising the process from start to finish, we have a complete understanding of how it has behaved over time and how it fits into the larger context of your operations, something that “piecemeal” providers may not grasp. That means that the post deployment System Monitoring will be easy for us because we know exactly what to look for.

When you choose us for post deployment system monitoring, we already have a head start. We know everything about the system so we can easily maintain it and keep it operational. If replacement parts are needed, we already have the parts sourced. We have a network of trusted contractors ready to assist you for on-the-ground work, guided by our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Automated Trouble ticket and dispatch software.

When you want a company that manages it all, reach out to us at Emres. A quick phone call will answer a lot of your questions and lead you on the right path. We’ll determine how we can best help you and start planning right away.

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