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Coverage for the ones that need it most

First Responder Radio Coverage

In 2006, NFPA 72 chapter 24 was released. This was the first formal reference to in-building emergency responder radio coverage.  This reference later became IFC section 510 and is now the national code standard. The code states a requirement for -95Dbm through 95% of the indoor area and 99% of the critical area.


As with any other code requirement each authority having jurisdiction has autonomy as to which portion of codes they enforce. In 2011 there were roughly 30 jurisdictions nationwide that were actively mandating section 510. There are now over 400 jurisdictions nationwide actively mandating section 510.  Enforcement of section 510 is applicable in new construction, tenant improvement, or significant retrofitting of an existing structure.

Our work

About us

In most cases the First Responder Radio Coverage compliance requirements fall into the Electrical and or Low Voltage contractor’s scope of work. We are currently pursuing opportunities to work with Electrical and Low Voltage contractors to perform turnkey integration services. This approach offers the contractor a reliable resource to make sure the First Responder DAS is fully operational and meeting the minimum code requirements.


Conversely a lot of the contractors we work with have the appropriate staff to deploy the passive equipment associated with the DAS. EMRES is also positioned to offer professional services and Post construction monitoring and maintenance support. We can provide pre-construction RF data collection, RF design, permit submittals, construction milestone verification testing, final commissioning and Authority Having Jurisdiction coordination. Thus, adding a potentially lucrative aspect to their existing scope. 


First Responder Radio Coverage

Construction Services

IFC Section 510 Compliance

Professional Services

Turnkey Design, Integration, and Optimization

Local Technical Verification and Radio Frequency Design Sheet Creation 

iBwave Design, Permit Submittal, RF Auditing, System Commissioning and Final Verification Testing

Commercial Carrier Coverage

EMRES was built to bridge the gap between Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) and Real Estate Owners. Our team of engineers and coordination specialists help Real Estate owners, managers and operators navigate through Radio Frequency Design Sheet (RFDS) creation, RF Data Collection, Retransmit Agreements, and BTS Lease Agreements.


EMRES offers iBwave Design, In-Building RF Coverage Benchmarking and Reporting, Post Deployment Monitoring and Maintenance.


WSP Coordination Includes the following:

  • Initial WSP Engagement

  • WSP Negotiations

  • Retransmit Agreement

  • Land Lease Agreements

  • Ops and Maintenance





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