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Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Reliable Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

When it comes to first responder radio coverage, the signal must always be reliable. The coverage has to be there when you need it to keep everyone safe, and every building owner must do their part to stay in compliance with the IFC Section 510 building code. To ensure this, turn to the experts at Emres .

NFPA 72 chapter 24 was sent out in 2006. This document is the first ever formal reference to in-building emergency responder radio coverage. Later on, this reference turned into IFC section 510 which is the national code standard.

This code means that 95% of indoor areas of a building need to meet a -95Dbm requirement. The same goes for 99% of the critical areas. This directly impacts your building’s design, and it determines how successful emergency responder radio coverage is.

Of course, this code is dependent on which jurisdictions you’re building in since it isn’t a federal code yet. Less than a decade ago, 30 jurisdictions were mandating section 510, but now we see over 400 jurisdictions. In other words, if this isn’t being mandated in your area, it might be coming soon.

The section applies to new construction, tenant improvement, and significant retrofitting of an existing structure. This is something you’ll need to know about, and it might directly impact you. If this is the case, then you need a team of professionals who have helped with first responder radio coverage in the past, and that’s what we do at Emres .

At Emres , we offer the coordination and consultation to ensure radio coverage is strong on every floor of your building. We are an integration company that works with electrical and low voltage contractors to install our system into different buildings. We span the gap between wireless service providers, real estate agents, and contractors.

We feel as though it’s our duty to make sure public safety radio coverage never lapses in your building. The last thing that emergency responders need is faulty or lapsing radio coverage. They need to be able to communicate with their team in order to safely extract people from the building or assess what’s going on. Without guidance from Emres , your building might not be ideal for emergency radio services.

Due to our experience in this field, we know the ins and outs of the industry. Our services are reliable, and we know what you need. Our team is highly skilled and has plenty of experience working with these highly sensitive emergency radio systems. We know what it takes to exceed your expectations and deliver. For the best in reliability, you should consider Emres .

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