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Carrier Coordination

Design review

EMRES will work with each of the Carriers to address any questions, or concerns, they may have regarding the DAS design and/or benchmark test results. 


Carrier negotiations

EMRES will manage negotiations with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to determine if financial contribution from the carrier to the costs of deployment of the distributed network will be applicable. 


Carrier agreements

Upon successful negotiations, EMRES will manage the execution of the agreements between the Owner and Carrier(s) for capital contribution, lease, and/or rebroadcast.


Rebroadcast requirements

Any rebroadcast of a licensed frequency used for Commercial Wireless requires permission from the licensed Carrier(s), per FCC mandate Section 90.219. EMRES makes no representation, or guarantee, that any Carrier will interconnect to the proposed solution, or allow the rebroadcast of its licensed spectrum.

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